Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where in the world are all the coin collectors?

Someone once asked me why I started a blog. The great thing about the internet and blogging is that collectors can communicate with each other and remain anonymous if they so choose. (read one of my favorite articles by a fellow collector on why coin collectors are so paranoid) I have met many collectors, both online and in-person, who share my interests through this blog that I never would have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. But it's also nice to connect to other collectors, even if I never really meet them. They may be silent and anonymous, but the traffic statistics tell me they are there.

So while I don't know exactly who is reading my posts, I do know where they are generally located and how they found my site. I thought it would be interesting to share some of that information.

So where in the world are all the coin collectors from?

Looking at the last 10,000 collectors to visit my blog, the most surprising thing to me is the global distribution of everyone. While it's not surprising that 84% of all my visitors were in the U.S., what surprised me is that the other 16% came from 97 different countries around the world. For an English-only site, I expected that number to be considerably smaller.

So who are the top 10 countries ranked in order?

They are: United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, India, Phillipines, Spain, Poland, and the Netherlands.

Some smaller countries to appear include the Solomon Islands, Nepal, Mongolia, Ivory Coast, Malta, and Sri Lanka among many others. It is truly a global hobby.

When I take a look at the distribution of collectors visiting my blog from within the U.S., the top states are less of a surprise to me. Here are the top five: California, New York, Florida, Texas, and Illinois.

If I change my perspective and look at the distribution by urban areas, they pretty much represent those areas where you would find the major coin shows and large dealers. If I had to pick two areas that I think are underserved by the coin collecting industry based on my non-scientific observations, I would say it is Minneapolis and Chicago.

So how did they find my site?

Not unexpectedly, 70% find me through Google Search. A surprise is that another 8% find it through Google Images Search. Anytime I include a picture with a post, that picture becomes available to Google Images.

So combined, Google accounts for 78% of all visitors to my blog. If you maintain any kind of website that you want others to find, you cannot ignore the fact that Google dominates internet searches.

For all the hype regarding Microsoft needing Yahoo's Search Engine, only 2% of my visitors arrive through Yahoo even after submitting my website's URL to them. In fact, AOL is actually the second highest after Google supplying close to 4% of my blog's traffic. Maybe Microsoft should be looking at AOL. I'll bet Time Warner would be willing to sell.

So, if you want to make collecting more interesting, you might try blogging. Sites like http://www.blogger.com/ are free and can get your blog up and running within minutes. Blogging has helped me to enjoy and share my collection and collecting interests with others from around the world. Can your local coin club do that?


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