Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My first coin in a NGC Edgeview® holder

I remember the first time I saw a photo of NGC's Edgeview® holder, it was holding one of the new Presidential dollars. "What a great idea," I thought. Since I have a 1775 half dollar and a 1797 silver dollar, I really was excited about the new holder. Both of those coins have edge lettering and are in PCGS and NGC holders that hide their edges. It always seemed a shame that I probably would never see that edge lettering. Now, with a cross over to the new holder, I may actually get to see the edges of those coins.

But recently I received my first coin housed in a NGC Edgeview® holder. When I got my first look at it, my excitement began to wane a little. It's not that I don't think the holder would be great for my half dollar and silver dollar; I still think the holder would be great for them and I hope to cross those over in the future. But the coin I received in the Edgeview® holder is a small gold 1802 quarter eagle.

First, the coin seems too small to be in this type of a holder. The prongs that hold the coin suspended appear larger in relation to this coin versus an early silver or half dollar. The prongs are very noticable on any images of the obverse or reverse. It seems to me that the obverse and reverse areas that get hidden do not get compensated by being able to view the edge on this coin. Not only is the coin small, but it has a very thin reeded edge.
An argument for using the holder is that you can be sure that there is no hidden edge damage, but in the case of this small coin that argument goes out the window. The edge is so thin that any damage on this coin most likely would be visible on the obverse or reverse in an old style holder. In this new holder, the prongs are large in relation to the coin and they could actually hide damage that would otherwise be visible.

So, and this is strictly my opinion, I prefer that the NGC Edgeview® holder be used for larger diameter coins that have lettering or designs on their edge. Keep the plain or reeded edge coins, especially those coins smaller than the Presidential dollars, in the old style holders.

After all, once my coins make it to the bank vault, all I have are the images to look at. I would prefer not to have those four prongs staring back at me.


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