Friday, June 05, 2009

My second coin in a NGC Edgeview® holder

Today I received my second coin in a NGC Edgeview® holder. Since my first post about receiving a 1802 quarter eagle (below) in one of these holders was slightly negative, I thought I should follow up now that I've received a slightly larger coin in one of these holders, a 1857-C half eagle (left).

This time, my opinion is more positive. I like the holder with the half eagle. I think the larger coin does make a difference. I still don't like the holder with the smaller coins. Their edges are just too thin for me. But the half eagle has a thicker edge making it much more visible in one of these holders.

But, more importantly, the prongs that I thought were covering up too much of the obverse and reverse are not so obtrusive on the larger coin (click images to enlarge). Now I know that I would like my 1795 half dollar and 1797 dollar in one of these holders. Both of those coins have edge lettering that I have never seen.

According to an article written by numismatist and rare gold expert Doug Winter, I'm not the only anal retentive collector to bring up this topic. Click here to read Doug's interesting article and some comments by collectors.


At 6:06 AM, Blogger Nico Ryan said...

Every collector should have a clear view of their prized coins. It is good to know that Edgeview® holder has done some improvements when it comes to the visibility of the coins they hold. How can someone be proud of his gold coin if there is an annoying obstruction on it.


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