Friday, November 06, 2009

Interview with A.C. Dwyer on Collector's Weekly

People that have known me for awhile know that I love to collect gold coins, especially $20 gold double eagles. Well not long ago I agreed to an interview about double eagles with The Collectors Weekly. Although I consider myself more of a type collector today, I have to say that I really enjoyed the interview as it reminded me of the reasons that I still have a special affinity to double eagles.

Please checkout my interview with The Collectors Weekly.


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At 12:58 PM, Blogger Petition said...

2010 British Coin forecast

From &

Based on information from dealers and following market conditions I would forecast that the prices over the next years will keep an upward movement.

The above is supported by the increase of individuals and pension for diversification of assets and protection.

The Fenton Auction in London saw a jump in prices for high quality pieces; this will be followed by the market increasing for lesser quality items. The Internet is producing a new base of collectors who consider today's price levels inexpensive. The UK has an old company that is introducing Numismatics as an Alternative Asset for inflation protection. The difference is today the companies would prefer and orderly market, prices not to run out of hand.

If you analyze historically from 1936 to date on the material through auctions and major dealers except for re-adjustment of prices of items that were miss-priced the compound growth for coins is +11.0% -12.5%. This can vary if specific areas of British coins are not popular for a period.

Price comparisons between USA and UK coins, the gap is so great I can hope the US collector does not decide to collect UK material in a serious way - otherwise we will see price rises we have never seen in the UK market as it will be re-structured the US way which is different than the UK.[A comparison of values will increase many items several times] An example in one change will be that in the US the dealers will stock and support the market and hold much more stock at higher prices.

2010 Spinks Standard Cataloguepart exert PREFACE & MARKET TRENDS

To some extent we appear to be recovering from the banking crisis and the resulting economic downturn and be more forward looking and positive again, however this is heavily due to the enormous amounts of cash injected into the economy by the government. This money is being spent in our economy and it would be extremely worrying if this policy did not have a direct impact. Only time will tell if this recovery is real but one thing that is fairly certain is that we will see rising inflation. These wider market conditions have prompted several interesting trends within the coin market as a whole, most noticeably that collectors are largely choosing not to sell their coins but to hold on to their assets which are seen to be continuing to increase in value. This is quite understandable and is true in any rising market; sellers naturally want to try to sell at the peak. Another effect is that the more specialised collectors begin to diversify into areas in which they had previously shown little or no interest. For example, long-time collectors of British crowns might decide that there is not enough new material to buy so might look to other denominations instead to feed their interest and continue to spend their budget on coins. Furthermore, people who have been collectors for some time might put even more money into their collections as it makes little sense putting their money elsewhere and new collectors enter the market because the areas in which they would usually employ their capital were seen as too risky or low return such as property, shares and deposit accounts. It is also true that in a rising market one tends to feel justified in spending more money as your assets rise in value, in the same way that you might decide to have a new kitchen fitted if the value of your property increased significantly.

At 5:11 AM, Blogger kotajepara said...

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At 2:54 PM, Anonymous Karen Ann Chaffee said...

I'd like to share information about the Royal Canadian Mint's Olympic coins:


Of all the coins, from all the Mints, in all the world that were issued in 2008, there is a true sense of serendipity and fulfillment, that the stunning 2008 Gold kilo coin, struck as part of the Royal Canadian Mint’s 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games series, has been named the “Most Inspirational” in the annual worldwide “Coin of the Year” awards.

While for sheer size and grandeur all of the magnificent Kilo coins in the 2007- 2010 series must surely be winners, it is the thoughtfulness and content of design that makes the 2008 coin uniquely special as it so beautifully captures the sense of Canada’s history in a montage of iconic images.

Canada’s history is inspirational in itself. The early story of the settlement of this vast country with its wealth of wild life and natural resources is a story of the spirit of human endeavor, of faith and of belief.

It is against this backdrop that as host of the 2010 Vancouver Games, Canada proudly displays the richness of its culture on a whole series of commemorative coins depicting everything from an Inukshuk, a uniquely piled stack of marking stones that are part of the Inuit culture, to a design artistically featuring modern Vancouver. Coins vary in denomination from $25 to $2500 and are struck in gold and silver Proof. Today’s pioneering spirit continues in the coins themselves, as the first hologram ever to appear on an Olympic coin, takes its place on a selection of $25 silver Proofs celebrating some of the competition events, while the Royal Canadian Mint’s first ever colored coins feature on a group of gold Proofs depicting the country’s wildlife and heritage.

The Coin of the Year Award is well established in the numismatic world as a standard of excellence for more than twenty-five years. More than fifty judges including mint masters, central bankers, numismatic journalists and scholars from all parts of the world assess the designs. The public is also invited to participate in the final voting.

The 2008 kilo coin, and the whole range of commemorative coins issued ahead of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, can be seen by visiting

While the 2008 Gold kilo coin has long been sold out, GovMint does have a small quantity of the 2009 and 2010 issues currently available. The 2010 coins have just become available and continue the same themes and same high standards of design.

GovMint, the largest US distributor for the highly successful Beijing 2008 Olympic Summer Games, has become a pre-eminent source for these magnificent coins in the United States, offering a truly exciting range of products to serious collectors and Olympic enthusiasts.

About GovMint is America’s premier distributor of coins worldwide. Founded in 1984, the Minnesota Company was the leading U.S. distributor for the 2008 Beijing and 2000 Sydney Summer Olympic Games. GovMint is also a marketing partner of Odyssey Marine Exploration, the world leader in deep-ocean shipwreck recovery. Its 225 employees are located in its Burnsville, MN headquarters and in Richmond, VA. It sells over 2,000 different coins through its website, mailings, catalog, radio, magazines/newspapers, and call centers.

Detailed information on pricing and availability can be easily obtained by visiting or by calling GovMint at (800)-721-0346 (24 hours a day).

For images or more information concerning this Press Release Please Contact:

Michael Sedgwick/Karen Ann Chaffee: 845-677-6112 or by e-mail at



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