Sunday, February 14, 2010

Not So Golden Presidential Dollars: Unlike the Olympics, it sometimes pays to come in 4th

I like our Presidential dollar coins. While not every President probably deserves to be on a coin, I like the series anyway.

But recently I received a contest promotion in the mail from a local car dealer (yeah there's still a few of them left) and I did a double take when I looked at the prize list:

It was the picture of 3rd prize that caused the double take. The 3 gold coins pictured were John Quincy Adams Presidential dollars while 4th prize was $1,000 cash!

Surely they pictured the wrong coins. They probably meant to display gold American Eagle or Buffalo coins, possibly even First Spouse gold coins. 3rd prize couldn't really be $3 and 4th prize $1,000!

So I looked for the fine print to see exactly which coins you would win.

"Gold coins are U.S. $1 dollar coins."

Unlike the Olympics, this obviously is one contest where it pays to come in 4th.