Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Zero Currency Notes Fight Corruption Worldwide

When we think about corruption here in the United States, we often associate it with our politicians. I don't think there's a day that goes by where there isn't some news about a politician gone bad.

Recently it's been the trial of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich who is on trial for allegedly trying to sell President Barack Obama's vacated Senate seat.

5th Pillar

In India the problem is apparently much worse. That is why a group called 5th Pillar ( was formed to help fight corruption, not only in India, but worldwide.

Their idea is to empower people with a means to fight corruption by introducing what they call the Zero Currency note. As 5th Pillar's website states:

"Next time someone asks you for a bribe, just take your country's zero currency note and hand it to them. This will let the other person know that you refuse to give or take any money in order to perform services required by law or to give or take money to do something illegal."

Get Your Own Zero Currency Notes

What I really like about this idea is that 5th Pillar provides the images for a zero currency note for many different countries, including the United States. Just click on your country from a pull down menu and you can download the image and print it.

The 5th Pillar website also lists a "Corruption Perception Index Ranking" that allows you to compare perceived corruption in various countries. Although it's probably no surprise, Somalia ranks way down near the bottom of this list with a 2010 index ranking of 178.

The Incorruptible Kiwi

So want to know which country is perceived to be the least corrupt according to 5th Pillar?

Well it's definitely not the United States thanks to our never ending parade of greedy politicians.

The honor of least corrupt country in the world goes to New Zealand with a 2010 index ranking of 1. But that hasn't stopped 5th Pillar from creating a Zero Currency note for the Kiwi.


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Very interesting. Thanks for your always refreshing and different take. I might print some of these out and send them with orders...


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