Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kim Kardashian Gold Commemorative Coins . . . This is Not a Gold Bubble?

I'll never forget that day at work when my department secretary told me she wanted to buy a house simply to "flip it." She wanted to know what I thought and I told her I thought housing was in a bubble. She smiled at me and said, "my son told me there's no bubble and he's been doing it for over a year now."

I went home that night and told my wife that we had to sell any stocks that had anything to do with housing. I remember owning Brookfield Homes (BHS) . . . gone!  Toll Brothers (TOL) . . . gone!  and Home Depot (HD) . . . gone!

When secretaries start flipping houses, it's time to get out. That was 2005.

The Gold Bubble?

Today I keep reading about experts trying to explain why gold is not in a bubble.  How this time it is different.

CoinWeek posted an article today giving 10 reasons why gold is not in a bubble.  Also posted today was a story at Business Insider that said someone is going to be producing Kim Kardashian commemorative gold coins. Last week Gold Resources Corporation announced that it was going to start minting its own coins in both silver and gold. The company's investors could choose to have their stock dividends paid in the new coins.

But it was the Kardashian gold coin story that reminded me of the secretary who decided to "flip houses" at the absolute peak of the housing bubble. When Kim Kardashian starts gracing the obverse of commemorative gold coins, this gold investor thinks it's time to start taking some gold off the table . . . maybe even all of it.


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