Sunday, May 06, 2012

Two Australian Coins No Longer Legal Tender

What two coins are the only Australian coins to have been demonetized by having their legal tender status revoked?

The holey dollar and dump are the only two Australian coins to have lost their legal tender status.

The Holey Dollar

The holey dollar, also known as a ring dollar, was the first coinage of New South Wales, Australia. It consisted of a Spanish peso with the center cut out resulting in a coin that looks like a donut or ring.

The ring was stamped with a denomination of five shillings on one side and "New South Wales 1813" on the other. It is considered rare and highly prized by collectors today. Similar coins have appeared in other countries or British colonies.

The Dump

The dump was the inner disk cut out of the holey dollar that circulated as a fifteen pence coin.


At 2:58 AM, Anonymous Dan said...

For some reason I just love the dump. It's my goal to one day at it too my collection.


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